Media Articles

Here are the press articles related to Mr Zenni's method of treatment of thyroid, the cerebral palsy and other diseases. Most of them are translated from Polish to English.

Viktor Zenni | Media Articles | Treatment of the Thyroid & Morbus Basedov

To Visit a Healer - Thyroid Therapy without surgery

Mr. Zenni learned about treatment by currents of various frequencies in Australia. He tells that when a child with a cerebral palsy got better, Australian newspapers wrote about him on the first pages. Since a few years, he comes to Poland regularly. He co-operates with bioenergotherapists. Mr. Zenni states that one of them sent to him a woman with big protruding eyes, which caused her unbearable pain. After a first treatment with his device, pain got reduced and further treatments completely healed the woman from a hyperthyroidism. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can be treated with this method. Read More...