We are delighted to share the following articles with you. Each highlights conditions that we have had success with through therapy with the Zenni Method. We will be updating these articles on a regular basis so please check back frequently.

Viktor Zenni | Articles | Treatment of the Thyroid & Morbus Basedov

Your Thyroid

Thyroid gland grows almost without a pain. From time to time it unpleasantly presses in the throat, but usually we marginalize this feeling by attributing it to the nervousness or cold. Mostly, we learn accidentally about the goiter from acquaintances - long time unseen, who notice visible thickening of the neck. Long lasting deficiency of the iodine in a body, diet rich in the goitrogens (substances, which are contained in all the plants of the cabbage family), misuse of medicines (for example: analgesic, sulfonamides), in case of women - hormonal changes during the pregnancy and menopause have influence on the thyroid growth. While getting older, a risk of goiter growth significantly increases and after getting 50 years old and older every fourth person has it. Often it tends to be neutral" - it does not cause any changes in the hormones level. Unfortunately, the gland of every tenth person begins to work like crazy, as if racing! Read More...