We are delighted to share the following articles with you. Each highlights conditions that we have had success with through therapy with the Zenni Method. We will be updating these articles on a regular basis so please check back frequently.

Viktor Zenni | Articles | Treatment of the Thyroid & Morbus Basedov

Morbus Basedov

Graves-Basedow is an abbreviated name for a disease resulting in hyperthyroidism or a diffuse hypertrophy of the thyroid. The symptoms include protrusion of the eyeballs, goiter, fast heartbeat, excessive sweating, loss of strength, faster metabolism. The extreme cases can be treated only by means of an operation.
Barbara Malarz lives in Hannover. She has moved to Germany many years ago and worked there as a draftsperson. She has always been resourceful and energetic, putting her ideas into life, and served as an example of perfect health for her family and friends, with everybody admiring her vitality. Read More...

Your Thyroid

Thyroid gland grows almost without a pain. From time to time it unpleasantly presses in the throat, but usually we marginalize this feeling by attributing it to the nervousness or cold. Mostly, we learn accidentally about the goiter from acquaintances - long time unseen, who notice visible thickening of the neck. Long lasting deficiency of the iodine in a body, diet rich in the goitrogens (substances, which are contained in all the plants of the cabbage family), misuse of medicines (for example: analgesic, sulfonamides), in case of women - hormonal changes during the pregnancy and menopause have influence on the thyroid growth. While getting older, a risk of goiter growth significantly increases and after getting 50 years old and older every fourth person has it. Often it tends to be neutral" - it does not cause any changes in the hormones level. Unfortunately, the gland of every tenth person begins to work like crazy, as if racing! Read More...

40 minutes with Victor Zenni

It is the time of one session with a patient, during which the therapist - Victor Zenni applies electrodes on the patient's forehead, nape and other disordered places of the patient in order to stimulate a nervous system and brain through emitting electric impulses - using so called Bernard's currents. Pole, who had lived for many years in Australia and currently is practicing in his homeland, is a creator of a novel physiotherapy method. This method effectively helps people suffering from thyroid and Graves-Basedow's diseases, children suffering from cerebral palsy and patients suffering from depression and afflicted with pain. Creator of the Zenni method, who registered it under that name at the Australian Patent Office in 1990, would like other therapists to use the method, because even first treatments give patients a considerable relief. Victor Zenni, who obtained for his achievements a title of Doctor of Philosophy at the Colombo University, is a man of passion. His passion is to help people to recover. Read More...

Viktor Zenni and his method

He is on the list of 102 of the best healers of the "Uzdrawiacz" magazine
In Australia he proved the effectiveness of his treatment method by using in an innovative way Bernard's current that have been known for 55 years and by obtaining the degree of Doctor of Sciences granted by the Senate of the University of Colombo. The work on the discovery took 20 years in Australia. The Zenni method has been applied in Poland for 9 years.
- Its possibilities are still not known because all the time it turns out that it is effective in many diseases. Thanks to the method patient avoid operations and pharmacological treatment of numerous diseases - says Viktor Zenni. Read More...