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Risky Surgery | Viktor Zenni

Risky Surgery

Risky Surgery and Pharmacotherapy Linked With Numerous Side Effects Are Not The Only Treatment Methods For Thrombosis

“Thrombosis is an illness caused by the formation of clots in veins. To date the only known treatment methods concentrated on surgery (an invasive procedure not always guaranteeing complete cure - meaning the complete removal of all clot matter) and pharmacotherapy which is linked with many unwanted side effects such as the detachment of a portion of the clot and its progression to the brain or the lung”. However treatment is necessary advises Dr Szymon Woronko MD “Thrombosis is caused by irregularities in blood clotting coexisting with inflammation of the blood vessel membrane itself caused by infection with bacteria, fungi, viruses or by physical factors such as an impact injury, constriction, high temperature. If in the body there exists chronic inflammation there is an increased potential of clots occurring which may result in thrombosis. This is especially significant in cases where the extremities are immobilized for long periods of time and where there is insufficient hydration of the organism. This is why during prolonged travel it is so important to drink fluids and move ones legs”. Warns Dr Szymon Woronko MD “The risk of thrombosis is not only associated with people who undergo frequent or long travel but also those with obesity, diabetes, high levels of cholesterol”. Ads Dr Woronko MD

The Zenni Method and Thrombosis
There is an ever increasing number of patients with medically tested and confirmed cure from thrombosis following my treatment method - advises Viktor Zenni.
How can thrombosis be cured through the electrostimulation with the Zenni Method? What mechanisms of action are responsible for this?
In the organism there should exist an equilibrium between pro clot forming properties and clot dissolving properties. An imbalance of this equilibrium may lead to the formation of clots in varicose veins of the lower extremities. The mechanism of action of the Zenni Method of electrostimulation is most probably linked with activation of blood agents responsible for the dissolving of clot matter. These are produced in the liver and the blood vessel membrane. Through the stimulation of the liver and the lower extremities there is a resulting increase in the production of these agents and consequently a return to the required equilibrium in clotting properties.
If after electrostimulation with the Zenni Method and ultrasound examination confirms the absence of a clot (the presence of which was earlier confirmed by a previous ultrasound examination), thereby at the same time confirming the curing of thrombosis, we have a very effective method which may be groundbreaking in the treatment of thrombosis.
“This is a very promising method which gives hope to medical practitioners and patients for the effective treatment of a very difficult condition such as thrombosis. If further cases confirm its effectiveness we will be dealing with a new achievement on the level that of the discovery of penicillin”. States Dr Szymon Woronko MD and highlights some of the cases with which he was involved.
“The Zenni Method also was found to be effective in the case of post thrombotic syndrome which may occur in cases of thrombosis as well as another syndrome associated with movement difficulties known as intermittent claudication. In patients with this condition treated with the Zenni Method of electrostimulation there was a significant increase in the walking distance before appearance the appearance of pain. I noted an improvement in the level of blood supply in the lower extremities and a decrease in pain related symptoms in all patients, in some cases following only 2 electrostimulations. It needs to be highlighted that these patients were not taking any additional medications, therefore the improvement to their health and the associated decrease of characteristic symptoms in these cases can only be due to these electrostimulations”. States Dr Szymon Woronko MD
“Taking in to consideration the effectiveness of the Zenni Method in the treatment of thrombosis and post thrombotic syndrome it undoubtedly should be of interest to the wider public as well as the scientific community”. Ads Dr Szymon Woronko MD